Our Education Partners

Our Education Partners


St. John Ambulance is a non profit, benevolent organization providing First Aid services and training, urgent care, patient transport, ambulance and other medical services across India. It is the oldest humanitarian organization in the world, established in the year 1905 in India. The organization was first founded in1877, in England as St. John's Ambulance Brigade and is serving people since then.

The presence of St John Ambulance in different countries includes England, New Zealand, India, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Cyprus, etc. It now has over 40 national organizations, over 500,000 volunteers now work for St. John Ambulance worldwide. It is the cumulative name of a number of organizations in different countries. The associations are overseen by the INTERNATIONAL ORDER OF ST. JOHN and its priories (national branches).

St. John Ambulance aims at preparing medical professionals to provide assistance in times of need. After successful completion of the course, the candidates will be awarded with certificates signed by the honourable PRESIDENT OF INDIA along with the GOVERNOR OF WEST BENGAL respectively.

Contribution Towards Society

Rudram Foundation, a non-governmental charitable organization, in association with St John Ambulance, has come forward to medically train people and provide them with global recognition, enabling them to serve our society. We have organized various awareness camps in the recent past to enlighten people about varied subjects. We aim to help enable people to help others in need.

  • King's College, London
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • University of Glasgow

King’s College, London

King’s College London is an internationally renowned university fostering global citizens with an international perspective. It pledges to serve society through meaningful service and quality education.

Johns Hopkins University

The Johns Hopkins University is a private research university in Baltimore, Maryland. Hopkins ranked No. 1 nationally in receipt of federal research funds, and was the top recipient of NIH research grants in 2019, both in terms of dollar amount and number of grants. In 2020, the Johns Hopkins Hospital was ranked the No. 3 hospital in the United States by the U.S. News & World Report annual ranking of American hospitals

University of Glasgow

Our people have always been at the forefront of innovation and our past achievements inspire our current world changers.

Changing the world is not only about making discoveries and creating new technologies. Informed leaders, creative thinkers and bold business minds have honed their skills at Glasgow. The talents of some of the UK’s most influential political figures have been nurtured here. Award-winning writers have developed their craft. Human rights activists have gained their voice.

We are a place that inspires ambitious people to succeed. A place where inquiring minds can develop their ideas. A place where talented people are given the space to realise their dreams.

Most importantly, we are open to the world. Our doors are open to the brightest minds, regardless of background, who wish to study at university. We are open to collaboration and the exchange of knowledge with other universities, government and business. 

To continue to be a world-class and progressive university, we are dedicated to bringing inspiring people together to change the world.‌

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